Oct 16 2012

Slam Results for 9/28 & 10/12


We had another excellent event on Friday night. Our thanks to our feature Sean Patrick Mulroy! We’re a little backed up on score reporting, so here are the results from our last two slams. Many congratulations to all of the competitors. Both nights.


Name Total Score Points Earned
A. Morey 54.8 3
Gabe Moses 54.2 2
Karen G. 52.1 1


Name Total Score Points Earned
A. Morey 57.6 6
Marshall 57.0 5
JAWS 56.0 4
Theresa Davis 54.2 3
Puck Wilde 53.7 2
Carly L. 52.6 1

Additionally, Theresa Davis, Gabe Moses, and Karen G. have each received one point for hosting.

Jul 15 2012

Sock Puppet Slam


And then, there were socks. The sock puppet slam was full of warm fuzzies (literally). Everyone from Katy Perry to Batman to Malika (of the Art Amok! slam team) were represented in sock form at the slam. We also had special guests from the Fountain City Youth Poetry Team in Columbus.

In case you missed it, or need to relive it, you can check out Malika’s poem:

You can also check out Quez’s two-puppet poem:

There will be more videos of the Sock Puppet Slam available soon. We’ll be posting them on our Facebook page as they become available. Catch us on July 27 at 8:00pm for the Box Of Doom Slam.