Oct 16 2012

Slam Results for 9/28 & 10/12


We had another excellent event on Friday night. Our thanks to our feature Sean Patrick Mulroy! We’re a little backed up on score reporting, so here are the results from our last two slams. Many congratulations to all of the competitors. Both nights.


Name Total Score Points Earned
A. Morey 54.8 3
Gabe Moses 54.2 2
Karen G. 52.1 1


Name Total Score Points Earned
A. Morey 57.6 6
Marshall 57.0 5
JAWS 56.0 4
Theresa Davis 54.2 3
Puck Wilde 53.7 2
Carly L. 52.6 1

Additionally, Theresa Davis, Gabe Moses, and Karen G. have each received one point for hosting.

May 5 2012

Theme Slams in June and July


This summer, we’re switching it up. We’ll still be holding the regular open mic on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of June and July, but our slams will be a little different. For each slam, bring two poems that fit within the rules of the theme.

Friday, June 6: Cover Slam
Bring two poems by any poet, dead or alive. The poems cannot be written by you! You do not have to use slam poems–you can use any poet you choose. Judging will be based on the poem and the performance.

Friday, June 22: Iron Poet Slam
Borrowing from a much-loved tradition at the Seattle Poetry Slam, each of the three rounds will have a special challenge. You only need to bring 2 poems, but be prepared! Anything could happen. Judging will be based on the poem, performance, and adherence to the challenge.

Friday, July 13: Sock Puppet Slam
In order to compete in this slam, you must have a decorated sock on one arm. Don’t have any socks? We’ll provide you with a sock and decorations for $5 or less. Don’t want to compete? You can still make a sock puppet, for your own hand’s pleasure. Judging will be based on the poem, performance, and puppet.

Friday, July 27: Box of Doom Slam
Ever wondered what would happen if Lady Gaga was a slam poet? What if “YMCA” was a poem? This slam is for you! You don’t need to bring any poems, because poets will draw poems, songs, and text from the Box of Doom. Poets must perform the poem as if it was their best slam poem. Judging based on performance.

All the slams happen at In Tune Music Studio in Grant Park; free street parking available. Doors open at 7:30pm, the shows begin at 8:00.$5 donation at the door. Money supports the slam team’s trip to compete at the National Poetry Slam in August.

May 4 2012

Team Selection Slam Results (April 27)


Last night was our final slam of the season. And we chose our 2012-13 Art Amok slam team! It was a wild night. Thanks to everyone who came out. We held a three round slam, and the results are in the following table. Poets highlighted in blue will represent Art Amok in Charlotte, NC come August. Congratulations!

Name Total Score
Samuel Eddie 86.3
Hillary 85.9
Marshall 85.7
Gabe 85.2
Shyla 84.8
Malika 84.6
Zero 83.8
Theresa Davis 83.7
Oak Morse 27.0
Molly 26.2

Thank you to everyone who came out all season long, and congratulations to our new slam team. Even though no points will be awarded, please come out during the remainder of the spring and the summer for more open mics and slams. Our next one will be on May 11. Same place as always: In Tune Music Studio. See you then!

Apr 13 2012

April 13 Slam Results


Well, we had another slam tonight. Our LAST CHANCE slam, in fact. Here, dear readers, are the results:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Samuel Eddie 56.8 9
Zero 55.3 8
Shyla 54.8 7
KC 54.3 6
Jaws 51.1 5
The Count 52.9 4
Karen G. 52.3 3
Amorey 51.7 2
Yoehzer 50.6 1

Alright. Slam season is over. Boo! On the other hand, it means we have a roster for our final slam, which will be April 27. Same place as always: In Tune Music Studio. Hooray!

Mar 29 2012

April 13 Slam


It’s the last regular slam of the season! This means it’s the last chance to qualify for the Grand Slam on April 27. (See the Standings to check who’s already qualified). We’ll also have our regular open mic–poets, musicians, and comedians welcome. Sign up at the door.

This mic will feature the Emory University Slam Team! The Emory Slam Team is comprised of Elliot Levy, Ashely Bernard, Nabila Lovelace, and Daniel Weingarten, and coached by Art Amok! coach Karen G. The team is on their way to compete at CUPSI, the national college poetry slam, later in the month. Check out team captain and founder Daniel Weingarten:

See you there on Friday, April 13, 7.30pm doors open, 8pm start.

753-B Cherokee Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30315

Mar 24 2012

March 23 Slam Results


Thanks to everyone who came out, to our feature CB, and to our five excellent judges. Remember, judges always get in free. Here are the results of this week’s slam:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Hillary 53.7 10
Marshall 52.8 9
Samuel Eddie 51.7 8
Quez 51.7 8
Molly 51.3 6
Theresa Davis 51.0 5
Malika 50.8 4
Oak Morse 50.2 3
Karen G 50.0 2
Kaci 48.6 1

Join us on Friday, April 13 for our last regular slam of the season, featuring the Emory University Slam Team.

Mar 14 2012

March 23 Slam and Open Mic Featuring CB


As usual, we’ll be doing our thing with the open mic and slam. Sign ups for both begin at 7:30pm. Everybody welcome for a 5-minute spot on the open mic… poetry, music, bring it! This is our second-to-last slam. If you’re trying to qualify for the Grand Slam, get yourself over here! You can check where you are in the standings right now, but remember: the standings change with every slam. No spot is guaranteed.

And don’t forget about our feature, CB from Charlotte! CB is a multi-talented artist.  His poetry ranges from entertaining to enlightening to  downright jaw-dropping, as edgy and somewhat controversial pieces have become his trademark. A competitor in the 2009 Individual World Poetry Slam, his furious and yet fluid style has garnered much attention, yet he has been known to show a softer side as well. Musician, poet, producer, CB does it all and the indications are what we’ve seen is merely a sign of greater things to come. Catch more of him on his website. Here’s a little preview for you:

We’ll see you next Friday, March 23.

Mar 9 2012

Mar. 9 Slam Results


We just finished another wonderful Art Amok slam. I (Marshall) guest hosted, and I believe that I did an excellent job.

I may be somewhat biased.

Nonetheless, here are the results of our slam:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Zero 57.8 7
Shyla 57.2 6
Molly 56.2 5
Malika 55.8 4
KC 55.7 3
Oak Morse 55.5 2
Amorey 53.8 1

As always, cumulative scores have been updated. Check them out. Our next slam will be on March 23 at 8PM at In Tune Music Studio, here in Atlanta. Same time, same place. Hope to see you there!

Mar 2 2012

Feb. 24 Slam Results


We had another slam last Friday, February 24. ‘Twas a great slam with a great feature out of Philly, Ms. Wyse. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who slammed. Here are the results:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Theresa Davis 54.1 9
Gabe Moses 53.8 8
Hillary 53.7 7
Jaws 53.3 6
Marshall 51.3 5
Oak Morse 48.8 4
David Schick 47.8 3
The Count 44.6 2
Molly 44.5 1

To see overall rankings, check out our standings page.

Our next slam will be on March the 9th, with guest host… ME.

I’m Marshall.

Hope you come out!

Feb 13 2012

Feb. 10 Slam Results


Thanks to everyone who competed in the Women of the World qualifying slam: Molly Lampton, Theresa Davis, Karen G. and Malika. Congratulations to Hillary Kobernick, the winner of the slam! Our next slam and open mic will be Feb. 24 at In Tune Studio.


Congratulations Hillary, the 2012 Art Amok! WOW representative