May 4 2012

Team Selection Slam Results (April 27)


Last night was our final slam of the season. And we chose our 2012-13 Art Amok slam team! It was a wild night. Thanks to everyone who came out. We held a three round slam, and the results are in the following table. Poets highlighted in blue will represent Art Amok in Charlotte, NC come August. Congratulations!

Name Total Score
Samuel Eddie 86.3
Hillary 85.9
Marshall 85.7
Gabe 85.2
Shyla 84.8
Malika 84.6
Zero 83.8
Theresa Davis 83.7
Oak Morse 27.0
Molly 26.2

Thank you to everyone who came out all season long, and congratulations to our new slam team. Even though no points will be awarded, please come out during the remainder of the spring and the summer for more open mics and slams. Our next one will be on May 11. Same place as always: In Tune Music Studio. See you then!

Apr 13 2012

April 13 Slam Results


Well, we had another slam tonight. Our LAST CHANCE slam, in fact. Here, dear readers, are the results:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Samuel Eddie 56.8 9
Zero 55.3 8
Shyla 54.8 7
KC 54.3 6
Jaws 51.1 5
The Count 52.9 4
Karen G. 52.3 3
Amorey 51.7 2
Yoehzer 50.6 1

Alright. Slam season is over. Boo! On the other hand, it means we have a roster for our final slam, which will be April 27. Same place as always: In Tune Music Studio. Hooray!