Mar 24 2012

March 23 Slam Results


Thanks to everyone who came out, to our feature CB, and to our five excellent judges. Remember, judges always get in free. Here are the results of this week’s slam:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Hillary 53.7 10
Marshall 52.8 9
Samuel Eddie 51.7 8
Quez 51.7 8
Molly 51.3 6
Theresa Davis 51.0 5
Malika 50.8 4
Oak Morse 50.2 3
Karen G 50.0 2
Kaci 48.6 1

Join us on Friday, April 13 for our last regular slam of the season, featuring the Emory University Slam Team.

Feb 13 2012

Feb. 10 Slam Results


Thanks to everyone who competed in the Women of the World qualifying slam: Molly Lampton, Theresa Davis, Karen G. and Malika. Congratulations to Hillary Kobernick, the winner of the slam! Our next slam and open mic will be Feb. 24 at In Tune Studio.


Congratulations Hillary, the 2012 Art Amok! WOW representative