Jan 28 2012

Jan. 27 Slam Results


Thanks to everyone who participated in the slam! We were blessed by Caroline Rothstein’s beautiful words and powerful performance. We also had a surprise visit from Jay Walker. Best of luck to you both with the rest of your tours! The slam was, once again, a close one. Gabe Moses beat out Theresa Davis by just one-tenth of a point! The results were:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Gabe Moses 58.0 9
Theresa Davis 57.9 8
Malika 57.3 7
Hillary 56.9 6
Marshall 56.7 5
Molly 56.6 4
Oak Morse 56.0 3
Jay Walker 56.0 3
Fit 24.5 2

Check the standings to see overall rankings.

Feb. 10 we will host the Women of the World qualifier. It will be a women’s-only slam, and the winner will represent Art Amok at the national Women of the World competition in Denver! Remember, judges always get in free. See you there!