Feb 13 2012

Feb. 10 Slam Results


Thanks to everyone who competed in the Women of the World qualifying slam: Molly Lampton, Theresa Davis, Karen G. and Malika. Congratulations to Hillary Kobernick, the winner of the slam! Our next slam and open mic will be Feb. 24 at In Tune Studio.


Congratulations Hillary, the 2012 Art Amok! WOW representative


Feb 3 2012

Feb. 10 Slam: Women of the World Slam Off


2nd Friday’s slam is a specialty slam for WOMEN ONLY. The rules will be a little bit different, so here’s how it’s going to go down: If you identify as female, you can sign up for the slam. We will have three rounds, with 1-minute, 2-minute, and 4-minute poems. The winner of the competition will represent Art Amok! at the national Women of the World poetry competition held in Denver March 7-10th.

The open mic is still open to anyone who identifies as male, female, between, or beyond. And of course, we’ll be needing judges.

It’s $5 at the door, the money will help support the poet who goes to the Women of the World competition. Refreshments provided for donations & Grant Park Coffee will be open later than their usual hours for food & coffee just for us!

Gabe Moses will be hosting, which is also very exciting!

See you there next Friday, 7.30pm door & list, 8pm open mic (musicians & artists of all stripes welcome)

followed by the slam off!

753-B Cherokee Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30315

Jan 28 2012

Jan. 27 Slam Results


Thanks to everyone who participated in the slam! We were blessed by Caroline Rothstein’s beautiful words and powerful performance. We also had a surprise visit from Jay Walker. Best of luck to you both with the rest of your tours! The slam was, once again, a close one. Gabe Moses beat out Theresa Davis by just one-tenth of a point! The results were:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Gabe Moses 58.0 9
Theresa Davis 57.9 8
Malika 57.3 7
Hillary 56.9 6
Marshall 56.7 5
Molly 56.6 4
Oak Morse 56.0 3
Jay Walker 56.0 3
Fit 24.5 2

Check the standings to see overall rankings.

Feb. 10 we will host the Women of the World qualifier. It will be a women’s-only slam, and the winner will represent Art Amok at the national Women of the World competition in Denver! Remember, judges always get in free. See you there!

Jan 20 2012

4th Friday Open Mic and Slam with Caroline Rothstein


We are already making amok (a mok?) in our excitement for the next Art Amok! slam. Our feature is Caroline Rothstein, all the way from Brooklyn, New York. She has 3 books of poetry and was on the Nuyorican Poetry Slam Team in 2010. She is also an activist for body empowerment and eating disorder recovery. Caroline is currently touring the East Coast, so you may see her around Atlanta before this show but like they say, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing twice. Caroline also has a no-repeat policy on this tour–so if you saw her once, she’ll be doing a whole new set of poems this time! Check out her poem, “Life Worth”:

$5 at the door. We’ll be having an open mic and a slam, hosted by Karen G. Sign up at 7:30pm, starts at 8:00. (Note to the men: our Feb. 10 slam will be women only, so this will be your last chance to get on the slam list until the Feb. 24 show.) See you in the ‘mok!

Jan 16 2012

Slam #3 Results


It was a packed night at our new venue, In Tune Studio. We had an amazing feature from the young Gus Wood, a 2-time member of the Art Amok! Slam Team. This slam was our largest slam of the season, with nine poets competing. It was a nail-biting night, with Theresa Davis barely inching out a win. The results for the January 13 slam are:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Theresa Davis 56.7 9
Fit 56.5 8
Gabe Moses 56.3 7
Malika 56.0 6
Oak Morse 55.3 5
Marshall 54.2 4
Hillary 52.2 3
Schick 52.0 2
Freddy Krueger Mellencamp 47.0 1

The overall rankings are:

Name Total Points
Gabe Moses 17
Marshall 12
Theresa Davis 9
Fit 8
Hillary 6
Malika 6
Nikki S. White 6
Oak Morse 5
Quez 4
Rico 3
David Schick 2
Karen G. 2
Molly Lampton 2
Freddy Krueger Mellencamp 1

Congratulations, poets! The next slam is Jan. 27, featuring Brooklyn-based poet Caroline Rothstein.

Jan 3 2012

Jan. 13 Second Friday Open Mic and Slam Featuring Gus Wood


Friday, January 13, 2012
8:00 pm (sign up at 7:30)
In Tune Studio (Grant Park)
753-B Cherokee Ave (across from Zoo Atlanta)

It’s coming! Join us at our new venue for the first open mic/slam of 2012! I can now officially announce our feature: Gus Wood!

Gus is an Atlanta-based performance poet. He has been to the National Poetry Slam twice representing Art Amok! and competed at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam. He placed 3rd at the 2010 Southwest Shootout Individual Poetry Slam. Most recently, he took 2nd place in the IWPS Haiku Head to Head. His work has been featured in the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival, the Atlanta-based poetry show Wish You Were Here, the Indiefeed Performance Podcast, and Borderline Poetry Journal (for which he recently received a Pushcart Prize nomination). He likes sword-fights, manatees, and smokes a pipe. You can find more of Gus at his website. If you can’t make it to Art Amok, check out Gus’s feature at the Redlight this Friday with Daniel Mandel, Garland Kelly, and Aviva and the Flying Penguins.

If you’re still trying to shake the holiday spirit, check out his poem “Dear Santa:”

Bring yourself, bring your mom, bring your mom’s mom. Sign up at the door for the Open Mic or the Slam. Anyone–poets, musicians, comedians–can sign up for the open mic; slots are appx. 5 minutes. The slam is a two-round poetry competition–check the rules on the “About Us” page. You can sign up for the Open Mic or the Slam, but not both.

Dec 27 2011

New Slam Schedule for 2012


Grab your hats and prepare for the ‘mok!

Art Amok is taking it to a new level in 2012. First, we’re proud to announce a NEW VENUE: In Tune Music Studio in Grant Park, just across the street from the Atlanta Zoo. In Tune specializes in music lessons, so we’re looking forward to great acoustics and hopefully some musical collaborations. We’re also returning to our twice a month schedule in January, so you can look forward to TWO open mics next month. Here’s a sneak peak:

January 13, 2012
Open Mic and Open Slam
Sign up at 7:30pm; begins at 8pm
I can’t make promises about the feature yet, but rumor has it, it’s someone who is a 2010 and 2011 member of the Art Amok Slam Team and a Pushcart Prize Nominee! Anyone–poets, musicians, comedians–can sign up for the open mic; slots are appx. 5 minutes. The slam is a two-round poetry competition–check the rules on the “About Us” page. You can sign up for the Open Mic or the Slam, but not both.

January 27, 2012
Open Mic and Open Slam
Sign up at 7:30pm; begins at 8pm
You know the drill; feature to be announced.

Nov 1 2011

Second Friday Slam Nov. 11 featuring Moody Black


The second Friday slam, featuring the usual unpredictable insanity, is going down Nov. 11, at 8:00pm. Hear poems from members of the nationally-ranked Art Amok Poetry Slam Team or jump on the open mic and get your voice heard. Sign up for the open mic and the slam at the door. Musicians, poets, and non-traditional artists welcome on the open mic. Admission is $5 (free if you judge the slam). Slam is a competitive, good-spirited poetry reading, in which poets perform original work and are scored by randomly-chosen judges. Check out the “About us” for the rules of our slam.

See you there!


Knight Tyme Venue

627 East College Ave (next to Figo)

This month’s feature is poet and rapper Moody Black:

Moody Black is as Southern as fried butter at the state fair. He’s hails from Greenvile, South Carolina, where he is the Slammaster of the Upstate Poetry Slam. Fusing a blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, and Poetry, he delivers a unique rhythmic message in which each new listener finds common ground. He has been a performing artist since the age of twelve, and has become a prominent force on a multi-regional poetry scene through his enthusiastic live shows and strong work ethic. He’s appeared at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam as well as the National Poetry Slam, and was the 2010 Upstate Poetry Slam Grand Champion.

Oct 16 2011

Slam #2 Results


The Art Amok! Slam (October 14 Edition) was an exciting one. Cuban traveled all the way from Florida, thoroughly rocking the house while reminding everyone not to smoke crack and always wear your seatbelt. We had several new poets in our slam, including this month’s winner, Nikki S. White, who had never slammed at Art Amok! before. Congratulations, Nikki! We hope to see you again. Our next slam is Friday, November 11, at 8:00pm.

The final results of this slam were:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Nikki S. White 58.5 6
Gabe Moses 56.6 5
Quez 54.0 4
Rico Revels 41.8 3
Marshall 39.5 2
Molly Lampton 39.1 1

“Points Earned” indicates how many points each poet has gained from this slam. Points accumulate from September to April, when the top poets with the most points will vie for spots on the 2012 Art Amok! Slam Team that will compete at the regional Southern Fried Poetry Slam and the National Poetry Slam in Charlotte. The overall points are:

Name Overall Points
Gabe Moses 9
Marshall 7
Nikki S. White 6
Quez 4
Rico Revels 3
Hillary 3
Karen G. 2
Molly Lampton 2

Sep 30 2011

2nd Friday Slam, Oct. 14th features CUBAN


Here comes October already! Our next open mic & slam is meant to celebrate the spirits! If you’re trying out your dead poet costume, your vampire persona, your zombie slayer attire or you have a new murder ballad you’d like to sing, bring it! Practice for the Days of the Dead, All Saints, Halloween, or simply the ennui of falling leaves. the open mic is wide open, followed by the poetry slam! It all goes down at Knight Tyme Venue, next to Figo, in Decatur. 7.30pm, door and sign up with show to follow, $5, free to score the slam


In between sets will be our fabulous feature, Matthew CUBAN Hernandez. Now in his twenties, he’s been a poet in spotlights & touring all around the country for years. Most recently, he’s been in Atlanta for Southern Fried. He coached an impressive team of youth poets and then went on to the Finals stage himself, where he *almost* won the title of Southern Fried Individual Champion.To Art Amok, he always is one.

Here is one of his winning poems:


WRITING PROMPT:  Identify a fear, a phobia, a nightmare that visits you, a stress dream, a person you dread, someone or an event that haunts you.Set the stage using all senses you can associate with these fears; colors, smells,tastes,images, the time of day, kinds of plants, clothes, seasons, temperatures.Identify character traits that are your own strengths or strengths that you admire.Without revealing your fear/phobia, hauntedness, take us into the moment with you as if it’s happening right now.Be the hero and lead us out of it, using any persona, tools, animal instincts that come to mind.Play the piece with as much detail as you can, or as if you were going to construct the scene as part of your haunted house & then how you get out.