Jan 28 2012

Jan. 27 Slam Results


Thanks to everyone who participated in the slam! We were blessed by Caroline Rothstein’s beautiful words and powerful performance. We also had a surprise visit from Jay Walker. Best of luck to you both with the rest of your tours! The slam was, once again, a close one. Gabe Moses beat out Theresa Davis by just one-tenth of a point! The results were:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Gabe Moses 58.0 9
Theresa Davis 57.9 8
Malika 57.3 7
Hillary 56.9 6
Marshall 56.7 5
Molly 56.6 4
Oak Morse 56.0 3
Jay Walker 56.0 3
Fit 24.5 2

Check the standings to see overall rankings.

Feb. 10 we will host the Women of the World qualifier. It will be a women’s-only slam, and the winner will represent Art Amok at the national Women of the World competition in Denver! Remember, judges always get in free. See you there!

Jan 20 2012

4th Friday Open Mic and Slam with Caroline Rothstein


We are already making amok (a mok?) in our excitement for the next Art Amok! slam. Our feature is Caroline Rothstein, all the way from Brooklyn, New York. She has 3 books of poetry and was on the Nuyorican Poetry Slam Team in 2010. She is also an activist for body empowerment and eating disorder recovery. Caroline is currently touring the East Coast, so you may see her around Atlanta before this show but like they say, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing twice. Caroline also has a no-repeat policy on this tour–so if you saw her once, she’ll be doing a whole new set of poems this time! Check out her poem, “Life Worth”:

$5 at the door. We’ll be having an open mic and a slam, hosted by Karen G. Sign up at 7:30pm, starts at 8:00. (Note to the men: our Feb. 10 slam will be women only, so this will be your last chance to get on the slam list until the Feb. 24 show.) See you in the ‘mok!

Jan 16 2012

Slam #3 Results


It was a packed night at our new venue, In Tune Studio. We had an amazing feature from the young Gus Wood, a 2-time member of the Art Amok! Slam Team. This slam was our largest slam of the season, with nine poets competing. It was a nail-biting night, with Theresa Davis barely inching out a win. The results for the January 13 slam are:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Theresa Davis 56.7 9
Fit 56.5 8
Gabe Moses 56.3 7
Malika 56.0 6
Oak Morse 55.3 5
Marshall 54.2 4
Hillary 52.2 3
Schick 52.0 2
Freddy Krueger Mellencamp 47.0 1

The overall rankings are:

Name Total Points
Gabe Moses 17
Marshall 12
Theresa Davis 9
Fit 8
Hillary 6
Malika 6
Nikki S. White 6
Oak Morse 5
Quez 4
Rico 3
David Schick 2
Karen G. 2
Molly Lampton 2
Freddy Krueger Mellencamp 1

Congratulations, poets! The next slam is Jan. 27, featuring Brooklyn-based poet Caroline Rothstein.