Grand Slam Results


As promised, last night’s slam was the best of the year! The poets performed their hearts out, and we wanted all of them to be on the team! But, what is poetry without the competition? And so we are proud to announce the 2013 Art Amok! Slam Team. Congratulations to Gabe Moses, JAWS, Shlya, A. Morey, and Hillary Kobernick.


Thanks to Theresa Davis and Malika for hosting, and to everyone who came out to support some amazing art. We’ve posted some videos of last night on our YouTube channel, so head over and check it out.

Our next slam will be April 12. We’ll have an open mic and open slam with feature Denise Jolley. If you have not met Denise Jolley, prepare to have your mind blown. She was on the finals stage of the Women of the World Poetry Slam earlier this month, and her poems are full of love, light, and a little dose of fury.

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