Prompt for 4/24/12


For NaPoWriMo, we are posting a new writing prompt every day. Here’s today’s prompt:

Write a poem with the following title: “Ten Things I Will Not Think About in the Last Seconds of my Life”.

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  • kareng Says:

    Things I Won’t Think About As My Life Dwindles 21 of 30, 4/12
    (Art Amok Prompt )

    As my life grows away from itself
    turned back into fetal curl
    if I am lucky to be age spotted
    and paper thin

    I will no longer think
    about cover letters, resumes
    what to where, interviews
    or dates
    I won’t think about dollar signs
    next poetry challenges

    I will only play a film real
    flickering faces, passion, angels
    all the landscapes
    the other times I’ve flown,
    peering out the windows
    to the days before me.

    I hope to smell pine, honeysuckle,
    gardenia, amber, the perfume of the nurse
    delivering painkiller. No more poop
    No more function. No more tiresome
    food in, food out.

    I will no longer think of grudge
    the arguments with myself
    the fights I make up in my head with others
    the slights of arrows whizzing past.

    I wish myself a peace
    from the words should have
    love and finished.

    To just be done with it
    raptured, thunder clouded
    firefly, blinking, risen

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