Feb. 24 Slam Results


We had another slam last Friday, February 24. ‘Twas a great slam with a great feature out of Philly, Ms. Wyse. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who slammed. Here are the results:

Name Total Score Points Earned
Theresa Davis 54.1 9
Gabe Moses 53.8 8
Hillary 53.7 7
Jaws 53.3 6
Marshall 51.3 5
Oak Morse 48.8 4
David Schick 47.8 3
The Count 44.6 2
Molly 44.5 1

To see overall rankings, check out our standings page.

Our next slam will be on March the 9th, with guest host… ME.

I’m Marshall.

Hope you come out!

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