Feb 28 2013

Next Slam is March 8


We are excited to hold our Last Chance Slam featuring Janelle Faiman next Friday, March 8.

What do you mean, last chance? you ask. We mean it’s your LAST CHANCE to qualify for the Grand Slam Finals, where we choose the top poets in ATL to represent join the Art Amok! Slam Team and compete at the National Poetry Slam. The top 10 poets from the whole season compete in this slam (you can see who’s on top right now by checking our Standings page).

Our feature, Janelle Faiman, is a Nashville-based musician with a voice that is both sultry and powerful. You can check out several of her songs here and while you’re at it, listen to this video:

We can’t wait to see you there!

Feb 23 2013

Slam Results 2/22


Thanks to everyone who came out to tonight’s slam! Our feature, Angelique Palmer, was great. We’ll be posting some videos soon. We had lots of poets in the slam, so be sure to check out the standings to see which poets are currently qualified for the Art Amok! finals slam, happening on March 22.

Name Total Score Points Earned
Theresa Davis 57.7 11
Gabe Moses 56.9 10
Shyla 54.1 9
Mr. Funn 53.7 8
Sapient Soul 52.9 7
Breeze 52.8 6
Carly 50.6 5
Jaws 59.7 4
Cel 47.7 2
Tawny Powell 47.7 2
Danielle Reed 46.2 1

Feb 9 2013

Slam Results 2/8/2013


Thanks to everyone who joined us at the first Friday slam! We had a great feature from Nikki White and JAWS, and a fantastic slam. There were several brand new poems, and new faces on the open mic. We’ll be posting some video of the features soon–you can always subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with us.

Congratulations to Hillary Kobernick for winning the Second Friday Slam! Poets, if you’re interested in being on the Art Amok! team, you’ve only got a couple more slams to build up points. If you want to know exactly how it works, check out the About Us page.

Name Total Score Points Earned
Hillary Kobernick 55.4 4
Tawny 55.1 3
A. Morey 53.3 2
Oak Morse 52.3 1

Gabe Moses also received one point for hosting. If you want to know how these poets are stacking up for the season, check out the Standings page.

Our next open mic and slam is Feb. 22. We’ll see you there!