Jan 26 2013

The 2013 Art Amok! Women of the World Slam Winner is…


Thanks to everyone who came out to see the Women of the World Slam at Art Amok!. After a fierce slam with some of Atlanta’s finest female poets, Hillary Kobernick came out on top. She’ll be representing Art Amok! for the second year in a row at the national Women of the World poetry slam in Minneapolis. Everyone who competed tonight will earn one point toward the qualifying slam. Gabe Moses also received one point for hosting.

Congratulations, Hillary Kobernick. Catch us on the Second Friday of February for another great slam (this time, open to everyone) and a spectacular feature from JAWS and Nikki White.


Jan 19 2013

Next Slam January 25


Tonight our special feature is EVERY KICK ASS FEMALE POET WE KNOW. It’s our annual Women of the World Slam, where the best female poets in the city compete for a chance to represent Atlanta at the national Women of the World Slam (without undermining their ultimate unified commitment to uplift women’s value in society).

We’re not trying to bash the men, though. You’re welcome on the open mic mic, whether it’s poetry, music, improv, or knock-knock jokes (try to limit the knock-knock, though). We’ve also got an amazing feature from New Jersey poet Joshua Ballard. Check him out:

Sign up at the door for the open mic or slam. A poetry slam is a competitive poetry reading. Cover: $5. Doors open at 7:30; starts at 8:00. Bring your art and join us!

Jan 19 2013

Slam Results for 1/11/2013

Name Total Score Points Earned
Shyla 57.4 5
Gabe Moses 56.7 4
Carly L. 54.6 3
Karen G. 54.2 2
Josh 50.7 1

Additionally, Theresa Davis received one point for hosting. The points for this slam will be added to the total; check the overall points on the Standings page.

The next slam is Friday, Jan. 25. It will be a WOMEN ONLY slam. Men and all genders welcome on the open mic. See you there.