2015 Art Amok




This year’s Art Amok Slam Team is….

Theresa MF’in’ Davis



Stephanie Amorey



Amy Weaver




Malika Hadley Freydberg




and our rock and omnipotent couch Karen G.




For the past several years we have enjoyed our time at In-Tune Music Studio, and we thank them for hosting us for so long.  Last month we said goodbye to our venue as the owners moved onward with their own dreams.  What that means for you, our Art Amok patrons is that we will be looking for a new home.

We have previously been on a 2nd and 4th Friday schedule.  But you know who likes schedules?  Not poets.  This summer season leading up to Nationals, we will be trying out a few new homes.  Make sure to come check out the “open houses” with us.  Tell us what you think, let us know if you can see your children growing up there, if you can see yourself in loafers and robe smoking a cigar while swirling your cheap bourbon to the poetry soundtrack that will be us…….what I’m saying is…we want to hear what you think and we want you to hear what we think in the best possible space so come out, and live life with us.


Also, feel free to donate to Art Amok anytime by clicking the shiny button below.  We will never say no to your monies.

Upcoming Events


This will be happening June 17th 9:00pm at The Lorde’s House –1714 Jonesboro Rd SE (the SE is important) Atlanta, GA

The slam will happen like any other slam.  It is open to everyone,  you sign up, we draw numbers, you perform.   Whereas judging would normally happen on a scale of 1-10, at this slam, the judges will judge Granny Panty to Thong by tossing their judgments onstage.  Click on the Panty Slam page for updates and the countdown!


June 18th, come out to a regular mic hosted by the longest running feminist bookstore in Atlanta.  This month will feature a former member of Art Amok Slam and powerhouse poet Shyla Hardwick.


June 29th Art Amok’s four phat poets invade Four Fat Cows, an ice creamery in Alpharetta, GA.  Bring the kids out to this debut night of sock puppets, nursery rhymes and Theresa Davis as our first feature.


More Info

The Art Amok! Poetry Slam Team was founded in 2006, one of Atlanta’s two poetry slam venues.

Art Amok! is a consciously populist, socially-engaged artistic organization. We embrace opportunities for multimedia collaboration and experimental art that pulls a steamboat through the heart. One of our goals is to put Atlanta poets on the map as a place of national poetic and experiential consciousness. We believe the artistic community is a place for social critique, constructive dialogue, mutual encouragement, challenging preconceptions, and bringing ourselves back to life. We strive to provide this space at our events.